Answered By: Mike Bloomberg
Last Updated: Aug 23, 2017     Views: 37

Thank you for your question.

At Lindell Library, our goal always is to meet the needs of our students.  At the same time, we face increasing budgetary challenges.  So we have had to make a number of changes in order to become more efficient while trying to remain highly effective.

Among the ways we’ve tried to meet the goal and the challenges is to trim library hours slightly.  So the doors and gates of “the Library” now do not open until 2:00 pm on Sundays.  Our data showed that this time period has historically been one of very light use.

However, there’s also good news.  Augsburg students, faculty, and staff can access spaces in the Lindell Library building for extended hours when “the Library proper” is not open.  With a fob, they can enter the skyways from Sverdrup or from Oren Gateway Center and use the Gage Center computing lab and other study spaces on the Link Level.  If you are an Auggie, you can request your fob at   So if you’re accustomed to studying “in the Library” at noon on Sundays, you can study on the Link Level for a couple of hours and then enter the other parts of the building at 2:00.  You might even want to come at 10:00 am to begin studying and using the computers even earlier. 

We’d like to be open more hours, but that is not possible.   However, we continue to look for more ways that students can use our building.

If you have further concerns, please let me know.

Best regards,

Jane Ann Nelson

Director of Library Services